I am a personal brand photographer & marketing consultant for female entrepreneurs based out of Sacramento California. I geek out over aesthetics, am here for all the “woo-woo”, and absolutely love empowering women to build an authentic brand, business, and lifestyle. 

Meet Ash, your new branding bff

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" OMG our brand
 session was so much fun!"

Ashley has such an easy going and bubbly personality. We got a bunch of photos to use for our company as well as self portraits. I have a lot of content ready to go thanks to the mini session we did! Definitely will be doing it again in the future!

-kady, @harleyraeshop

From the moment you hire me, I've got your back. It's kinda like your favorite brand strategist, BFF and biz coach had a baby, and then that baby could somehow, also take realllllyyyy amazing photos of you.  

(Hint: I'm the baby.) 

Because honestly? You shouldn't have to do it all on your own. A great brand photoshoot comes down to strategy and planning, and having someone to help you figure it all out makes the whole thing soooo much easier (and more fun.)   

Getting to meet so many rad women from all over the world... helping them create content that builds their authority & makes showing up on socials WAY MORE FUN...let's just say it's a dream come true.

I'm here to serve the boss babes of the world who want to truly SHINE online.

Through their words.
Through their images.
Through their expertise.
Though their PRESENCE.

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Consider me your visual brand manager...

If I'm being honest...

Hey babe, Ash here! 

Sometimes, I still can't believe this is my life.

fun facts

peanut butter pretzels

play me the dirtiest bass music & I'll dance all night (lol)

first grade teacher

Laughter for sure.


01. guilty pleasure

02. keep me dancing by

05. first job

My dog indy (she's my baby)

07. what I'm obsessed with

06. fave way to cope

03. fave city

What's Your Brand Vibe?

From national parks to glamorous indoor studio shoots, whatever your brand vibe is...I've got you covered ;)

Iconic brand shoots are kinda my thing. . .

peanut butter pretzels

01. guilty pleasure

02. First Job

04. my forever obsession

03. go-to coping mechanism

first grade teacher

laughter for sure.

My dog Indy (she's my baby)

fun facts