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Next, we'll map out the scenes, vibes, outfits & locations -- basically your entire visual brand strategy -- that'll communicate your brand values & connect with your audience!

step 2: brand strategy

We'll shoot, have tons of fun, & take a moment to review the images. You'll get a sneak peek shortly after, & then your full gallery 2 weeks later!

step 3: photoshoot!

First, we'll jump on a call to chat about your business & brand vision, your goals, & choose the best brand photo package to meet your needs.

step 1: zoom Call

how it works

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#1 brand quickie

#2 mini media day

#3 full media day

investment: $800

investment: $1800

investment: $2800

90-mins of Shooting  |  Photos Only* |  Brand Deep Dive + Planning Call  |  30 Edited Photos
2 hours of shooting   |   High Quality Photos + Videos  |  Brand Deep Dive + Planning Call   |  50 Edited Photos  |  Creative Direction Call  Location Scouting   |  15 Cinematic B-roll
5 hours of shooting   |   High Quality Photos + Videos   |   2-3 looks | Brand Deep Dive + Planning Call   |  100 Edited Photos  |  Creative Direction Call  Location Scouting  |  25 Cinematic B-roll

The brand packages

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Ready to chat more? Click the link below to fill out a quick questionnaire and schedule a Zoom call!

Ready to chat more? Click the link below to fill out a quick questionnaire and schedule a Zoom call!

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"I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the recent photo branding session. I absolutely love the photos! 

But more than that, the entire experience was incredible. You made me feel so comfortable, and the fun and energy you brought to the session really made a difference.

I’ve been raving about the photos to everyone, and the feedback from everyone has been overwhelmingly positive. They all love how good the photos turned out! Thank you, thank you, thank you for not only capturing great images but also for making the process so enjoyable.

Looking forward to our next session already!" 

Adriana Rodriguez 

"Oh ASHLEY I am OBSESSED with our brand shoot photos, they have exceeded alllll my expectations and beautifully capture my energy and personal brand.

What I loved most about this shoot was how comfortable you made me feel. It felt truly effortless and natural to “pose” and have my photos taken by you.

I’m already using these photos as story slide backers for Instagram and will continue to use them for content on socials. They beautifully tell a story of who I am, what I do & the vibe I want to portray in my messaging so thank you thank THANK YOU!

It was such a pleasure working with you in this way & having you capture my Costa Rica magic & I hope to work with you again some time in the future xx"

Alicia May

"Ashley is so easy to work with and is always on top of things so I don't have to think, I just show up. his is a huge win considering I am a working mama and have little room mental space left. 

She captured my first photo shoot when I started teaching yoga, took my maternity photos, photos with my hubby and this last shoot was SO good.

She sets a very good vibe for the sessions which is awesome because photoshoots can be awkward! She always invites me into my powerful self and that translates in the final photos!"